More about Eng Soon Tofu Puffs

Eng Soon Tofu Puffs is a Singapore based manufacturing company producing various bean and food products. As the name implies, the Eng Soon specializes and continually to excels in producing top grades tofu puffs. After years of perfecting the skills and recipe, Eng Soon puts pride in producing top quality tofu puffs with much consistency. Beside having perfecting the recipe, we also believe that the bean quality that goes into each tofu puff matters above all else. That’s why Eng Soon only import our beans from America.

Eng Soon Manufacturing processes takes reference from Japanese food engineering to maintain high quality taste while keeping the cost low. Because Eng Soon manufacture locally in Singapore, we are able to ship out fresh produces to clients on time so our clients’ customer get to enjoy fresher ingredients.

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  Address: 10 Tuas Bay Walk

   Zip Code: 637780

  City: Singapore

   Telephone: +65 6863 3668

   Text Us: Coming Soon





To suit the variety of Singaporean dishes, our Tofu Puffs comes in all shapes and sizes. Tofu Puffs is something that even the young or old can enjoy.

Our company vision is to produce top quality tofu puffs that Singapore can be proud of. The Eng Soon Factory located in Tuas supplies tofu puffs to markets all over Singapore. Feel free to come and visit our factory to taste the freshly produced tofu puffs while it is still hot! To find out how to get here, click here.