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Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd Manufacturing Pte Ltd, a dry bean curd factory in Singapore since the 1977s, has adopted this advanced production technology. Its production line was specially designed with the help of food engineers in Japan. The company now produces 4 metric tons of deep fried bean curd daily, with 11 varieties (8 times of its previous production when using the traditional method) , both for sale in the local market and international market.

Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd is a unique, non-dairy source of concentrated, easily digestible, high quality protein product. It is made primarily from soyabean and water. Soyabeans are soaked in water until dissolved and the water turns to a milky white liquid.

This resultant liquid contains all of the essential nutrients found in the soyabean in a convenient liquid form. Thus soymilk + some form of curdling agent = Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd. In addition to its high protein content, Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd is also devoid of cholesterol. It is also an excellent source of calcium and other minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and potassium and lots of Vitamin-B.

Protein : Used by the body to build muscle tissue and to perform many other vital functions such as repairing cells and clotting the blood.
Carbohydrates : To supply quick energy for the body. Certain tissue in the body such as red blood cells and parts of the brain can derive energy only from simple carbohydrates.
Dietary Fiber : Is a complex carbohydrate that cannot be dissolved by the body.
This fiber adds bulk to the diet and allows material to move swiftly
through the digestive tract, greatly aiding in digestion.


Size Name Dimension Quantity
Dark Brown Bean Curd
Thick Large 厚大黑 70mmx70mmx27mm 1pkt—10pcs
Extra Large 特大黑 90mmx90mmx20mm 1pkt—10pcs
Large 大黑 65mmx65mmx15mm 1pkt—10pcs
Medium 中黑 5mmx55mmx15mm 1pkt—10pcs


Size Name Dimension Quantity
Light Dark Brown Bean Curd
Halal 65mmX50mmX15mm 1pkt—10pcs
Extra Large 特大白 65mmx65mmx15mm 1pkt—10pcs
Large 大白 65mmx50mmx15mm 1pkt—10pcs
Medium 中白 50mmx50mmx15mm 1pkt—10pcs
Thicker Round 大豆粒 42mmx42mmx33mm 1pkts—25pcs
Small Round 豆粒 35mmx35mmx20mm 1pkt–50pcs
Bean Curd
豆边 110mmx35mmx20mm 1pkt–1/2kg


Dry Bean Curd(per 100g) Dry Bean Curd(per 100g)
Protein (N x 6.25) 22.0g
Crude Fibre 0.44g
Dietary Fibre 3.47g
Carbohydrate 4.75g
Energy 284 Kcal

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